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About Us

GGOSS is recognition that many of the products developed for PLANKWALL merchandising displays have applications in the home. This has been confirmed over the years by many customers approaching us. They have suggested and showed us where our products can and have been used.  

GGOSS seeks to share some of these applications. Some of these ideas are shown in Gallery, we would also love to share with others what you have achieved. If one needs help on how to store an unusual item let us know.  In turn we hope your homes may become more liveable, tidier, and more efficient and more fun.

GGOSS has furniture items which are shipped unassembled to reduce freight and other costs.  Assembly instructions are included on the site so can be viewed before ordering.  For most practical persons the process is not too difficult but may take time.  As GGOSS becomes more widely established we may have others who can offer help locally.

GGOSS is concerned about the climate change issues and uses only certified  carboNZero electricity in the factory. Just hydro and wind generation from ECOTRICITY.

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