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Utility Shelf Bracket 6mm

Utility Shelf Bracket 6mm
Utility Shelf Bracket 6mm Utility Shelf Bracket 6mm Utility Shelf Bracket 6mm
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Tough clear polycarbonate brackets for the 6mm shelves.  In most cases two brackets per 600mm long shelf.  If items are heavy use 3 or more brackets.   Alternatively add an aluminium shelf bracket (ASB0608) in the middle or use them at both ends.

Garage - Durable USB06 brackets are suitable for most shelving requirements in the garage. Good to have spare shelf space in you garage to be clean and clutter free. Good  to keep items visible and avoid the "where is it frustration".

Garden - Extra Shelving is always needed in the garden shed. Being made from weather resistant polycarbonate these brackets will not be affected by moisture.

Office - Practical brackets means more shelving and more storage in your office. Discreet and modern styling means they will suit any office.

Storage - Make your storage problems disappear with more shelving to utilize. Easy to use and strong. Their low profile means maximum storage availability.

Study - Practical shelving in your study area.  Shelves  reduce  the excuses for  ones room being tidy. Get those bonus points!!!

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